Business Tax services

Do you...

  • Get weighted down by all the little tasks that need your attention to stay compliant, but don't progress your business?
  • Need to be able to make decisions in a timely manner with relevant financial data?
  • Have business partners, therefore resulting in additional tax filings?


Why pay for ongoing bookkeeping? 

Leaving everything to be figured out in April causes headaches and results in stressful filings while not being sure that you are paying the right amount - when everything is in a rush, you miss deductions that can reduce your tax burden, and if you miss any income, you risk triggering an audit which will add immense stress in your life. Ongoing bookkeeping also allows you to have real-time information on how well your business is doing, giving you the ability to make important decisions before year-end.


Why not use TurboTax or other free self-filing services?

With business entities and partnerships, most self-filing sites aren't free and have settled lawsuits based on their misleading advertising. You also forgo consulting that can dramatically reduce your tax burden, and many options are unavailable once the year ends.


Set up your free consultation today to see how much better things are when you're not trying to handle everything on your own.